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If you are looking for artificial plants to buy then you are in the right place. We specialize in artificial boxwood hedge mat and artificial boxwood hedges. Bringing together artificial and a natural look, our closely designed climaleaf brand is perfect for any occasion and use.

Artificial Ficus Spray 10ct

Ficus Spray

Artificial Ficus Spray 10ct


Artificial Ficus Spray 10ct

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Geranium Street USA is  proud to bring you our new ficus sprays. Our lovely new boughs of ficus leaves are the perfect addition to any home, garden, and property. These ficus sprays can be sold one-by-one or crafted by our craftsmen into trees and shrubs of all different shapes and sizes.

Each spray has 42 leaves and measures 60x60x50 centimeters. This ensures that each bough is full, abundant, and beautiful in any situation. These ficus bunches are perfectly crafted to be customized or stand individually.

Ficus trees, or, as they’re more commonly known, fig trees, are popular worldwide. The very first fig trees grew in parts of Asia and the Mediterranean; from Afghanistan to Portugal. Ficus trees once provided and integral source of food and sustenance. Now they are mainly used for decoration and beautification. Fig trees now flourish worldwide and you can have your very own low-maintenance version of one for your home.

Like most of our products, these ficus boughs are UV-rated, which means that they will not fade or discolor, even in the brightest sunshine. The leaves and stems are crafted from hyper-realistic plastic; this guarantees that they will blend in seamlessly with any different decor or ornamentation.

As with all of our products, we can deliver these ficus boughs worldwide. They are one of our most customizable creations; and, for a price, our craftsmen can even set-up and install these pieces for you. Our ficus boughs are perfect for creating your dream garden.

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