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133 Newport Drive Suite G
San Marcos CA 92069


If you are looking for artificial plants to buy then you are in the right place. We specialize in artificial boxwood hedge mat and artificial boxwood hedges. Bringing together artificial and a natural look, our closely designed climaleaf brand is perfect for any occasion and use.


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Artificial Plants Are Perfect For Halloween

Lindy Williams

October is underway and Halloween is right around the corner and we have all the artificial greenery to make your party as spooky as possible.

For the crafty buyers, our products are versatile enough that they can be used in almost every DIY autumn decoration project, including wreaths, centerpieces, jack-o-lantern displays, entryway draping, and all fall adornments. We carry artificial flower azaleas, artificial trees, artificial grass, and artificial boxwood brush and hedge. All of our products can be used for beautification, ground cover, decoration, privacy, and much more.

Our artificial plants are ideal for decorating pieces because they can be stored year after year without compromising the quality of the piece. We guarantee that these artificial plants will be just as beautiful when you pull them out of storage as they were the day you purchased them. 

Autumn marks the beginning of the hectic holiday season. We know how stressful preparing, decorating, and eventing can be. We also know that our artificial flowers and other greenery will make this time of the year less demanding. We have onsite craftsmen who are ready and dedicated to creating custom creations, delivery, and set-up of any large-scale creations.

Another great use for our products could be in large-scale Halloween productions. Our hedge mats and ivy rolls provide excellent cover and privacy and could be used as barriers or guideways for customers. These barriers could be used for years without ever needing to be replaced. They are easy to set up, easy to store, easy to transport, and easy to move. Our products are all about ease and versatility. These hedges can also be UV-rated, meaning that they can be left in direct sunlight for the whole Halloween season and will not fade or discolor in the slightest. 

Give us a call at (706) 798-2316, we would love to see what we can do to assist your holiday plans. We always welcome questions and inquiries. Or, drop by our website and see our products for yourself.

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