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133 Newport Drive Suite G
San Marcos CA 92069


If you are looking for artificial plants to buy then you are in the right place. We specialize in artificial boxwood hedge mat and artificial boxwood hedges. Bringing together artificial and a natural look, our closely designed climaleaf brand is perfect for any occasion and use.


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Enjoy Your Privacy With Artificial Hedge

Lindy Williams

We live in an age where privacy is a thing of the past. It's not hard to know everything about anyone you come into contact with. All the information anyone would ever want to know is just a simple mouse click or Google search away. 

The expanse of social media profiles also present vast amounts of information for anyone who has the slightest curiosity. These decreases in privacy, coupled with the decreasing amount of space for neighbors and a rising population rate, means that there is little privacy for citizens all over the United States. Even the friendliest of neighbors should enjoy a certain amount of privacy, and there's a strong chance that this has slowly diminished over the years.

Geranium Street Floral may not be able to protect you from prying online eyes, but we can protect you from the inquisitive peepers of your neighbors. We have artificial boxwood hedge that keeps your home, yard, and life private while still remaining beautiful.

This artificial boxwood hedge is also UV-rated, so it will not fade even after years of direct sunlight. Because the artificial boxwood hedge is made from tough, durable plastic, it needs no watering or maintenance of any kind. This will help keep your gardening costs down as well. It is also insect resistant and will remain beautiful throughout the years.

Our artificial boxwood hedge has been used all across the United States for various functions, like privacy hedge, decorative pieces, ground cover, wall decoration, and more. Geranium Street Floral is proud of the level of privacy and comfort that our products have given our customers. We would love for you to experience the same.

Onsite, we have a crew of craftsmen who will gladly design, craft, and set up your artificial boxwood hedge. Once you give us the dimensions of your yard or property, we can craft a creation that will shield your property in privacy and beauty.

We always welcome questions and inquiries at (760) 798-2316. Or, drop by our website to see the full line-up of our artificial plants.

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