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133 Newport Drive Suite G
San Marcos CA 92069


If you are looking for artificial plants to buy then you are in the right place. We specialize in artificial boxwood hedge mat and artificial boxwood hedges. Bringing together artificial and a natural look, our closely designed climaleaf brand is perfect for any occasion and use.


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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Creates Privacy

Lindy Williams

Here at Geranium Street Floral, our roots are in equestrian course building. Four years ago, we began our company by supplying equestrian course designers and builders with artificial hedge and brush to create and beautify their courses.

As with all growing businesses, we soon found other areas where our products could serve our customers. We were asked if our hedge could be crafted into privacy screens to seclude houses and yards from the prying eyes of neighbors or other pedestrians. After a few initial rounds of trial-and-error, we were successful in our creation. Our craftsmen had created a sturdy, attractive hedge barrier that we were excited to offer to our customers.

We never could have predicted how popular the artificial boxwood hedge would become. Customers from all over the United States seem to be feeling the ever-closing distance between them and their neighbors because they have ordered and enjoyed our products for seclusion and privacy.

This artificial boxwood hedge comes in mats of different sizes, so they can be crafted and molded to conceal your property. Your pool, lawn, garden, rooftop, apartment, and home will all become your own again without your neighbors being privy to your every move. The hedge is also beautiful, versatile, and easily transportable, so it will add more value to your home and neighborhood than any other privacy fence.

The artificial boxwood hedge is made from durable, UV-rated plastic, so it will not fade or discolor in the sunlight. This UV-rating means that the hedge would be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We can craft your hedge from the ground up, or we can add privacy hedge to the top of an already existing privacy fence.

Give us a call today at (760) 798-2316 to see what we can do for you. We welcome all questions and inquiries. We’d love to give you back your sense of peace and privacy. Drop by our website today and peruse the rest of our blogs to see our full line of artificial plant products.

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